It's an exciting time for automotive innovation and design. Advancements in new motors and energy sources are revolutionizing driving, including hybrid and electric vehicles. You've likely heard of these hair-raising new vehicles, and we're here to aid in your research process.

Our handy guide will teach you about the differences between hybrid vs. electric cars. Both have their advantages-it all depends on what you need and what fits your life better. Once you know what kind of car you want in Westwood, Dedham, or Needham, MA, our team at Audi Westwood will help you find the model for you!

Hybrid Pros

Electric Pros

Can still run on standard gasoline

Zero tailpipe emissions

Fuel stations keep you going

Convenient recharging at home

Excellent mileage

Quiet driving

Hybrid: A Blend of Power Sources

Hybrid vehicles come in various forms, from mild hybrid to plug-in variants. The common theme among hybrid cars is their combination of electric and gasoline power. Merging the two together makes for a smooth drive that you'll love.

Hybrid vehicles have smaller gasoline engines, a supplemental electric motor, and a battery pack. The electric motor enables you to operate purely on electric power for a cleaner drive. The source of the electricity can come from a variety of sources. One popular feature is regenerative braking-applying the brakes changes the energy created by stopping your wheels into battery power.

One of the most significant perks with hybrid cars is that you can still refuel at gas stations. You won't need to check if there are charge stations en route to your destination-a hybrid car uses standard gas to supplement its electric power.

That fuel is put to better use as well, as hybrid vehicles feature excellent gas mileage. Each drop of gas can propel you much further, thanks to the combination of power sources. You can go further on a single tank, and leave refueling for later on in your trip.

Electric: Clean and Revolutionary

As the name implies, electric cars run exclusively on electricity. Battery packs store energy for when it's time to drive. Many electric cars use multiple motors as well, allowing for sturdy drivetrains and grip on the road, along with exhilarating acceleration.

Electric cars offer the convenience of easy recharging at home. When you pull into the driveway after your commute or night on the town, you can plug into your outlet and top yourself off. You can even have a high-speed charger installed in your home in most cases.

Electric cars are also respected for their environmental impact. Specifically, zero tailpipe emissions mean cleaner air, making these cars a great green option. Electric cars also run quietly, which makes for a sleek and impressive performance wherever you go.

Hybrid vs Electric: Which Is Right for Me near Westwood MA?

Drivers around Westwood, Dedham, and Needham, Massachusetts, have plenty of options to consider. Want hands-on experience with your next ride? Contact us at Audi Westwood, and schedule a hybrid or electric test drive today!

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