Did you know you can get your brake pads checked at our Westwood Audi service department? We recommend getting your brake pads checked every 10,000 miles and replaced around every 50,000 miles. Of course, some signs can indicate that you need to replace your brake pads sooner.

Are you wondering if you need to replace your brake pads? Your driving habits, the various road conditions around Needham, and the make and model of your car can all play a role in brake pad replacement.

The Importance of Brake Pads

Brake pads are important and should not be overlooked. For example, if your brake pads are worn out, your vehicle will not stop effectively. Brake pads also play an important role when it comes to the safety of you and your passengers.

If you feel a loss of grip, if your vehicle is favoring one side, or you hear squealing sounds, then it may be time to bring your Audi down to our service department for a brake inspection. You can trust our professionals to inspect all components of your brakes.

For our Canton clients who want to replace their brake pads themselves, brake pads parts are available to order through our website. You can place an order online or reach out to one of our parts associates for assistance.

Visit Audi Westwood in Westwood for Brake Pad Service

Please take this time to schedule Audi brake pad service online or by giving our service department a call. As always, we look forward to assisting you with your brake repair needs.

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