Why You Need Winter Wiper Blades

At Audi Westwood in Westwood, MA, it is important to us that our consumers are prepared for winter weather. One way to prepare your vehicle for winter conditions is to invest in winter wipers.

There are two primary types of winter blades that include wiper blades with covers and beam-type blades. Wiper blades that with covers protect the steel structure to prevent ice and snow from clogging the blades. Beam-type blades come with a flat piece of steel that is covered with plastic. The framework of beam-type blades will not become jammed with know or ice.

To ensure that your blades perform adequately, it is important to use quality windshield washer fluid. You should also inspect your wiper blades on a regular basis. Most wiper blades will need to be replaced about every six months. Many consumers have winter wiper blades installed when they have winter tires put on their vehicle.

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