What you need to know about belt and hose maintenance

At some point your car will need to have some service done. However, how do you know when your belts and hoses need to be serviced?

Each vehicle has its own set of maintenance schedules to recommend when specific components should be replaced. It would help if you also did regular checkups on your engine to check for physical signs of wear to stay proactive.

Cracks or splits on the hoses and belts can be a common sign of wear. If you wait too long to replace these components, it can cause damage to your engine.

Staying on top of maintenance can keep your car running for years ahead. When you need to have your vehicle serviced, we invite you to bring it in to see our service team here at Audi Westwood. We can get your belts, hoses, and other repairs needed on your car to get you back on the road again.



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