Schedule Your Car’s Seasonal Maintenance Appointment at Audi Westwood Now

Bringing your car to the dealership for a seasonal maintenance checkup will ensure that it runs for many more years without major problems. These are just a few of the services that are going to be performed as the car is being maintained after you use the online service scheduling app.

Working on the engine is the biggest concern for the mechanics when performing the seasonal maintenance on your vehicle. The team will start by changing the fluids so they are the correct grade for the changes in weather. Once the radiator fluid and motor oil is changed, the team will make sure to inspect and replace all the filters too.

In order to get maximum life out of the car tires, they need to be inspected and rotated frequently. If any signs of uneven wear exist, the team will address those issues and get your car off the lift in a timely manner.

Schedule your seasonal maintenance checkup today with our online service scheduling app at Audi Westwood.

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